Gig Review – Mushroomhead, Electric Ballroom, 30 March 2016

Mushroomhead, Electric Ballroom, 30 March 2016Until a week ago I had never heard of Mushroomhead. Then I saw an epic shot posted online by a fellow photographer and watched a YouTube video of a recent show. I had to go! Rather like Slipknot, they all wear face masks and it’s a very heavy show.

What’s unique is they have two drummers at the front of the stage pounding the life out of a pair of drums each that have water pumped through them and have dramatic lights set up inside. So every time they hit the drum, water flew everywhere, including all over me and my camera, but it was absolutely worth it.

They gave us the full show and it made a huge difference. The drummers posed, scowled, pointed and flicked their middle fingers at us for great shots. A female guest vocalist who’s name I missed went crowd surfing as did another singer. The bassist spent half the set kneeling up on one of the drums. Then for good measure towards the end, the guitarist (pictured) soaked me and the front row with water from the top of the drums. All in all, it was like nothing I’ve ever photographed before, nor do I expect to again. It was an absolute pleasure, even if I did get soaked and my ears hurt after despite having very good earplugs in. Great fun!