Gig Review – Yungblud, Brighton Dome, 27 September 2021

It’s been about 20 months since I was indoors in a photo pit. That’s a long wait. Yungblud has been on my list for a while and I figured that shooting in the beautiful surroundings of the Brighton Dome in front of 2000 people would be way better than 10000 people at the soulless Alexandra Palace with a stage about 8 feet high.

Still, this was technically one of the toughest shows to shoot in years. He moves so fast and while it looked stunning from the back, up front it all registered as heavily backlit which meant it was impossible to rely on the camera to expose properly. So I shot my three songs with manual exposure and high ISOs – even then I was close to the limit of what the camera could do without introducing ridiculous amounts of grain.

He’s quite a performer, and I think next time I’d like to see him at an open air venue – there’s so much going on and I’m sure the shots would turn out better if I can concentrate on him and not also be worrying about how to set the camera up.

Here are a few shots anyway.