Gig Review – Uli Jon Roth, ULU Student Central, 30 November 2018

Having never shot at ULU which is now known as Student Central I had no idea what to expect. I had organised to shoot for Uli directly but found when I arrived that all the photographers seemed to have the whole show not just me! The room was really quite small – I’d guess it holds no more than 300-400 people. The lighting for the support act was so dreadful that I feared the worst for Uli’s set.

A couple of songs in he stopped and asked the lighting tech to put some light on him because he couldn’t see what he was doing! That meant the three little white spots above the stage got turned on and when he came to the front for his solos they gave just enough light for what turned out to be pretty atmospheric shots.

I can’t say I’ll be heading back to ULU anytime soon for a show but tonight was fun. Given this is Uli’s 50th anniversary headline tour it was sad to see him performing in such a small place and you have to wonder how many times he’ll be back here now.