Gig Review – The Who and Vintage Trouble, British Summertime Festival, Hyde Park, 26 June 2015

Ty Taylor, Vintage Trouble, British Summertime Festival, Hyde Park, 26 June 2015This Hyde Park show and tomorrow’s set at Glastonbury are said to be amongst the last The Who will ever do, perhaps with the exception of the occasional charity show. So I probably ought to have a shot here of Roger belting out his vocals or Pete cartwheeling through a solo. They were fabulous, don’t get me wrong, but for me the day belonged to Vintage Trouble (pictured above).

I first saw VT three years ago here when they supported Bon Jovi. I actually missed their set on the main stage, but later that day they came in to the media tent and played a blinding acoustic show to about 6 people, including me. I went straight out and bought their album as soon as it came out and I’ve been hooked ever since.

So it was a long three year wait to finally shoot them properly. They’re actually pretty difficult to shoot – mainly because Ty is such an animated front man. He works incredibly hard and barely pauses for breath.This was one of those moments where you blink and you miss it – he leaned back on his mic stand for a few bars and then was off again. There was no time to compose a shot as such – I happened to have the wide angle lens to hand and was dead centre in the right place, otherwise this shot just wouldn’t have happened.

At least we only need to wait until November for their next tour over here.