Gig Review – PiL, Shepherds Bush Empire, 2 October 2015

John Lydon, PiL, Shepherds Bush Empire, 2 October 2015You can pretty much guarantee there will be too many photographers in the pit at the Empire. The pit is one of the narrowest of any of the larger venues and the stage is really low. So if it’s quiet in the pit it can be an amazing place to shoot but when it’s busy it is a nightmare. It was busy tonight, not the busiest I’ve seen but not far off.

Having never seen the Sex Pistols I was really keen to shoot Jonny Rotten. I’m afraid I came away disappointed. Apart from occasionally pulling a mildly aggressive face, this wasn’t what I expected. The music I have to say was dire, and Lydon is not the expressive, angry, ranting singer I had expected. Instead he absorbed himself in his howling lyrics and barely moved from behind the mic stand. With the light altogether muddy, this made for a pretty hard and uninspiring shoot.

Now, if he were to ever reform the Sex Pistols…