Gig Review – Muse, London Stadium, 1 June 2019

Matt Bellamy is quite a front man and you live in hope that they’ll let you in the pit for Muse because when they do it can be spectacular. Tonight was anything but spectacular though.

Unfortunately I arrived just moments too late to get in to the pit for Tom Morello and even though it was daylight still, it would have been great to shoot his set.

Rumours swirled of pit access for Muse even though we’d been warned to bring long lenses because we could be at a lighting tower, which even with a long runway were a long way back.

So minutes before showtime they took us in…to the pit! We were told to stand in a particular spot at the end of the runway and thought our luck was in. Then the head of pit security ordered us to a different part of the pit slightly further back from the runway. Not as good but still it was the pit, it would be okay. Then 3 minutes before showtime he decided to ignore his own decision and ordered us out of the pit altogether telling us we had to go to the lighting tower. How we made it in time I don’t know but we did.

Predictably it was like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – it was a lousy shooting position, off to one side and miles back. The only saving grace was that when Matt used the end of the runway you could get a reasonable shot over the sea of hands. Such a shame as had they just left us in the pit we would have got great shots. In all my years I can’t remember ever being treated so badly and I will think twice before attending another Muse show. Their head of security was an embarrassment.