Gig Review – Michael Buble, Hyde Park, 13 July 2018

It wouldn’t be the British Summertime Festival without some rain, surely? After weeks of crazy high temperatures, rain was forecast tonight but I’m not sure anyone really believed it would come. We spent the afternoon shooting in the heat shooting some great artists like Van Morrison. It’s not often I get to shoot two artists on my bucket list for the first time in the same day! He does everything he can to make a clear shot nigh on impossible, cluttering the stage with a lecturn and various other stands, but a massive venue like Hyde Park means you get the opportunity to experiment with different focal lengths and eventually I found my clear shot on my 150-600mm lens.

Just as I was heading to the second stage for The Shires, the heavens opened. It was like a tropical storm which went on and on. Half an hour before Michael Buble’s stage time we were taken out to the end of the runway which was our very specifically designated shooting position. We just prayed he’d come along the runway, otherwise the shoot would be a disaster and we were all soaked to the bone and doing everything we could to protect our camera kit. I resorted to using a heavy duty bin liner as a poncho and it just about did the job.

True to form, Michael Buble delivered in style. He came right down to the end of the runway and performed literally within touching distance of us in the driving rain and this picture shows!

I have a huge, new found respect for him, what an absolute performer! Most artists wouldn’t have gone near that runway – it was like a river, yet he came down to the front and gave us wonderful frames. Couldn’t have asked for more, other than a canoe to get home in…