Gig Review – Matt Goss, Shepherds Bush Empire, 12 December 2016

I’ve started to rack up quite a few Matt Goss shows ahead of the Bros reunion next year and I’m building up quite an archive of shots of him in the process. I hadn’t actually applied for tonight’s show but I got a text from Matt’s PR telling me I had an AAA pass waiting for me the night before which was great news.

Shepherd’s Bush is a much more intimate venue than Wembley Arena, in fact I’d go as far as saying that his shows need the intimacy of a smaller venue – Wembley Arena is a bit warehouse-like and soulless. However the Empire is stunning, and with its low stage and with the front row just a few feet from the stage it was the perfect setting for his music.

It’s a privilege to have Access All Areas, and I was determined to make the best of it. Sometimes there’s only so much you can do from front of house, especially without a pit, and the best shots are to be had if you can get the angles and lighting right from on the stage. With this shot I quite deliberately positioned the myself so that the light cast a halo and shadows around him as I wanted to capture the warmth and intimacy of the show with the crowd watching on.

Roll on the Bros reunion, they were the opposite end of the spectrum to the music I enjoyed as a teenager, but there’s no denying those are going to be great shows and I hope I’ll be invited back…