Gig Review – Kiss, O2 Arena, 31 March 2017

As we were waiting to go in for tonight’s show, rumours circulated that Gene Simmons has announced the band’s retirement meaning this would be their last ever UK show. Apparently he’s done that a few times before so I’m not panicking yet.

What did alarm me, and everyone else, was the sheer (read ridiculous) number of photographers who were accredited for tonight’s show – 17 or 18 – far too many for the narrowed pit – and this despite a ban on agency photographers. As it was I was shooting for a major magazine as well as a national newspaper so I needed to get a variety of shots.

With Kiss there is no end of fabulous light and ludicrous posing – the problem is second guessing which direction to look in next or frankly where to stand – that’s the split second difference between getting or missing the shot.

When we get this kind of lighting rig, I prefer to shoot wide and fortunately for this shot I was just tall enough on tip toes to get a full length shot on my 14-24mm lens – it just wouldn’t work if I’d chopped them off at the ankles!