Gig Review – Katie Kittermaster, Scouting For Girls and Olly Murs, Bedford Park, 10 September 2021

I first photographed Katie this time last year at Knebworth at a drive in gig which will I think forever remain as one of the most bizarre set ups I’ve ever witnessed. Tonight it felt like business as usual. A pit and a real crowd. Live music is definitely back. And tonight I was working for Katie’s team which was an absolute delight. Food, drinks, somewhere safe to leave my equipment and access all areas for her set as the opening act. Here are a few of my favourites.

After Katie Kittermaster, Scouting For Girls warmed up the crowd for Olly Murs with Roy Stride getting, well, very much into his stride.

Bizarrely, Olly Murs had what, to me at least, seemed the toughest light to shoot in with an enormous LED blaring out “Olly Murs Bedford Park” in case people got so lost in the music they forgot they were in Bedford. The backdrop just made things harder to shoot because at times there wasn’t much front lighting on him so once I’d got the obligatory shot of him with his name and face in the background I studiously avoided that angle. Anyway, like Scouting For Girls, I shot my allotted three songs and headed off well before the crowds after a very enjoyable evening.

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