Gig Review – Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Uli Jon Roth, Hammersmith Apollo, 25 April 2018

Three amazing guitarists doing solo shows and then a massive jam at the end. Sounds great? Yes and no. It should have been fantastic but Hammersmith Apollo is a nightmare venue to shoot in when it’s a seated audience. In the past they’ve allowed us to shoot from the front of the middle aisles crouched down out of everyone’s way and although it’s horribly uncomfortable, it’s pretty much as good as being in the pit.

Tonight, no such luck. Joe Satriani often plays to stage right so shots of him from the far side were fine. However, one of my cameras started deciding it didn’t fancy focusing at all so I was using the 300mm lens and focusing it manually which isn’t in the ‘How to Shoot a Gig Properly’ guide.

John Petrucci just played to the other side and Uli stuck to the middle, by which time we weren’t allowed closer down the side anyway, so neither set was anything to write home about photographically.

The G3 jam at the end should have been epic but again, we were banned from the middle, even at the back and trying to shoot three guitarists in a line from a side angle a long way back does not equal cool shots.