Gig Review – Foo Fighters, O2 Arena, 19 September 2017

It’s been nearly seven years since I last shot the Foo Fighters. There are really only two shots you can get of Dave Grohl – going crazy at the microphone and going crazy during a guitar solo. I came away pretty convinced I’d failed to get the shot I wanted, like the one above. A Foos show is nothing if not frenetic and each time he came forward he chose a different spot and the solo lasted perhaps no more than 10 seconds. With a ridiculous number of photographers in the pit (at least 15 of us) it meant that unless he happened to pick a spot directly in front of you, chances are you’d miss the shot. Chuck in to the mix frankly patchy light and it was a very hit and miss night. Fortunately by choosing (guessing) a decent manual shutter speed, I got my shot. I deleted a fair few off the card too though where you couldn’t see his face or there was too much movement in the shot. A challenging shoot but it turned out all right in the end.