Gig Review – Eric Clapton, Hyde Park, 8 July 2018

I’ve shot a fair few of Eric Clapton’s shows over the years at the Royal Albert Hall. Last time he performed at Hyde Park he reluctantly gave the photographers pit access and I banked on the same happening tonight.

It was touch and go for a while – would we get any access at all, and then where would we be shooting from – mixer, the gap between the gold and diamond circles or somewhere else? At the 11th hour we got pit access – we had to choose a side and stay there. For me, the shot I want is of him pulling one of his epic solos and so it was a simple choice – go stage right and hope that he moved far enough from the mic stand for a clear shot. Fortunately he did exactly that and this was my favourite shot.

Among the other performers it was great to catch Carlos Santana again for only the second time. Alas Steve Winwood was a massive disappointment. He lurked resolutely behind a piano for the first three songs and as we left the pit he came to the front, guitar in hand. Just typical! Still, today was all about Eric Clapton and I got my shot!