Gig Review – Download Festival, Day 2, 15 June 2019

If I’m honest, today was really only about three bands for me, Stone Temple Pilots, Halestorm and Slipknot, but they all turned out to be great as did some others. Yes there are multiple stages and if you want you can spend all day trudging between stages in thick mud shooting anything and everything but I’m getting too old for that!

One of the highlights of the day was Trivium. Not my type of band or music but to see them under proper stage lights must be fantastic. The pyros were used from the word go and they made great use of the runway despite the rain.

Stone Temple Pilots were a bit of a shock for me. I saw them here the last time they played with Scott Weiland in the driving rain on the main stage and they’re back now with a new singer, a competition winner apparently. Bizarrely their management insisted on a contract that required our shots to be approved prior to their use. More surprising was the singer. He wasn’t Scott Weiland obviously, but he looked like him, dressed like him and had all the Scott Weiland mannerisms and moves down to a fine art – not so much a tribute as freaky.

Halestorm headlined the second stage and I’ve wanted to see Lzzy Hale for a long time, so this was another tick on the bucket list. She certainly delivered and it was nice to have some decent lighting to experiment with.

Slipknot were of course the draw of the day for me. With so many of them on stage and so much going on they’re a bit of a nightmare to shoot. Add in a runway and it’s almost impossible to know where to stand or where to point your camera. All you can do is hope you get some decent action. I still think I got my best shots of them some years ago but here are a few…