Gig Review – Cam Cole, Nells, 24 September 2021

I missed Cam’s album launch party at Nells in July as I had to self-isolate. Not this time! I had arranged with Cam’s manager Markus to shoot the full show, and they had even turned down accreditation requests from other photographers.

Having never been to Nells and knowing there was no pit, I arrived early to work out where I could shoot from. There was a nice angle down at the front, and I had been warned it would turn in to a mosh pit later in the evening. So I got a few shots from there and then moved.

The available light was challenging but not impossible to work with, but it needed a little boost of fill flash to really sharpen everything up and bring out the colours of the stage lights.

Later on I ventured to the stage for a few more photos and this one is without doubt my favourite.

I rounded off the evening with a few more shots and before I knew it, the 75 minutes were up. I remain convinced that it is only a matter of time before we see Cam in much bigger venues, opening for well-known artists.