Gig Review – Black Eyed Peas, Hammersmith Apollo, 27 October 2018

I always wanted to shoot the Black Eyed Peas last time around but it never happened. Since then I’ve done one of’s solo shows and with rumours swirling about who would be singing for them on this tour I thought it could be good fun.

It’s rare that a tour starts in London so with this being the tour opener I had no reference point as to what to expect. They performed on the first level of an impressive LED floor to ceiling backdrop which I figured would look way better from the back as I left, hence this shot – it’s one of those shows that would benefit from photographers having official access from the mixing desk as well as from the pit.

The shots from the pit like the one above weren’t as atmospheric but at least I got the three of them together with their current singer Jessica Reynoso posing well. It was surprising that only 4 of us were there tonight – I was expecting a packed pit!