Gig Review – Aerosmith, Download Festival, 11 June 2017

Tonight has been billed as Aerosmith’s last ever show in the UK. Well if it was, they played a blinder but there wasn’t so much as a whisper of retirement or a lingering goodbye after the encore so I’m already starting to doubt that this was it.

Since 2014 we’ve had to shoot Aerosmith from the mixing desk which is frankly pointless. So like in 2014 I took a risk, turned down my accreditation and took up an early position fairly far forward in the crowd. It was absolutely freezing cold but completely worth the wait as I was able to shoot the whole show freely on my 300mm lens, taking shots each time they came down the runway in to the crowd. It meant I came away with a lovely variety of shots that I’m really pleased with, and it’s always great to get a good shot of the Toxic Twins together.

I just hope this isn’t really the end…but given they are two years away from celebrating their 50th anniversary and if they make it they’ll be one of the only bands in history to do it with their original line up, I can see them making a return in 2019.