Gig Review – AC/DC and Vintage Trouble, Wembley Stadium, 4 July 2015

Angus Young, AC/DC, Wembley Stadium, 4 July 2015
To say I was looking forward to tonight is an understatement. It might have been my third AC/DC show and my second Vintage Trouble show in a week, but what a combination!

For reasons no-one was able to figure out, none of the other photographers were granted access for Vintage Trouble. I’ve no idea if that was down to their management, poor PR or AC/DC’s management, but I’d made arrangements directly with the band’s management to shoot for them which meant I had a huge pit almost to myself for the whole of their set. In a way it was harder to shoot than last weekend at Hyde Park because the stage was so high, but I was able to photograph Ty crowd surfing which only ever happens at the end of their shows.

AC/DC were phenomenal as ever. With the runway out of use and the pit far too packed full of photographers it was tough getting shots of Brian and Angus together, particularly as they didn’t actually come together often. I love this shot of Angus though because it’s quite different to the usual shots of him doing the duck walk or the devil’s horns.