Gig Review – Sunflower Jam, Royal Albert Hall, 16 September 2012

Where do I start!?!? At lunchtime I got a call from Steve Guest from Guesty PR asking me if I’d shoot the backstage portraits for the Sunflower Jam charity. No brainer really – Alice Cooper, Brian May, John Paul Jones, Bruce Dickinson to name just four were performing.

350 of us had dinner on the main floor of the Royal Albert Hall while it was closed to the public. An amazing auction followed (the Justin Bieber photo Alice is holding was presented to Steve Guest as a joke) and then came the live performances.

I was flitting between doing portraits of literally everyone backstage, and catching as much of the live performances as I could. Everyone was so generous with their time for the charity and the artists were a delight to be around.

The show ended up with everyone on stage jamming before some final group portraits backstage. A simply amazing day!