Black Star Riders and Wayward Sons, Shepherds Bush Empire, 12 October 2019

I was working tonight for Wayward Sons shooting their set which was great fun. I’m so pleased to see how well they are doing and they throw everything in to their sets and clearly love what they do. Long may it continue. The stage at Shepherds Bush Empire is not big, and as a five piece performing in front of Black Star Riders’ kit it meant there wasn’t a lot of space to work with. Nor seemingly a lot of light coming from the front, but the overall lighting rig was superb. I was reasonably happy with my photos for them, but more to the point I think they like them. So here are a few.

I remembered shooting Thin Lizzy back in 2012 supporting Guns n’ Roses with Ricky fronting the band, but had forgotten all about shooting them back in 2007 (badly) at Wembley Arena. But I’d never seen them as Black Star Riders. I expected the lighting to be absolutely superb but given what was on offer they really under utilised it. Scott Gorham kept in the shadows a lot although he looked and sounded superb. The pit was really crammed by this stage and like everyone else I just had the standard 3 songs, although I was then allowed to shoot from further back and the lighting definitely looked great from a distance. I came away feeling like I’d really not done it justice though.