Gig Review – Drive In Garden Party, Knebworth, 11 to 13 September 2020

The last time I photographed a concert was five and a half months ago when Myke Gray and Kim Jennett played in Camden. I’ve worked with Cam Cole more recently but I don’t think I’ve ever had such a long gap between shows.

So I can barely describe how exciting it was to be able to shoot a concert again. Not just any concert, but actually a three day festival! Please forgive this being a long post, because it’s great to be back!

This was an experimental drive in weekend with each car socially distanced from the next in marked off areas. When I arrived I thought I’d have a cavernous pit largely to myself but it turned out the six metre exclusion area was more like a twelve metre one so it was like shooting from the edge of a small golden circle. But it didn’t matter. I was just so happy to be back shooting, and I was one of only 3 photographers there.

On Friday night we had Judge Jules opening things with the Stereo MCs and Basement Jaxx performing a DJ set.

I’d waited 27 years to photograph the Stereo MCs but the lighting was so shockingly non-existent for their set that images were bland to say the least, but Judge Jules and Basement Jaxx both put on great shows and there was no restriction on shooting the whole set.

On Saturday, again we had the whole set for each artist with Foley & The Fire, Soul 2 Soul and the Kaiser Chiefs performing two sets, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

On Sunday we had different artists in the afternoon and the evening with Craig Charles opening the day and performances from both Toploader and Scouting for Girls.

Rounding out Sunday night we had Katie Kittermaster opening the evening with performances from Gabrielle and Rick Astley. Across the entire weekend, only Gabrielle’s manager had any issues with us shooting, and she literally started yelling about us not shooting beyond the first three songs. Mind you, the light was shocking for her set and I much prefer my photos from Hyde Park last year. Topping off the weekend was Rick Astley with very keen fans.

Gig Review – Cam Cole, Camden Town, 5 September 2020

I can’t really claim this is a gig review but it’s as near as. I was in the studio with Cam while he recorded his second album a couple of months ago but this was the first time in over five months that I’d seen a musician perform live for an audience. This was one of Cam’s legendary busking sets on the streets of Camden just outside the tube, but it’s still live music, and fine live music as it happens.

Cam’s manager Markus confirmed the time and location so off I went down to Camden Town. It was all a bit lively and busking is totally unpredictable because performers never know if they’re going to get moved on, but it was classic Cam. Here are a few shots. At one point another busker even got in on the action!