Gig Review – Black Eyed Peas, Hammersmith Apollo, 27 October 2018

I always wanted to shoot the Black Eyed Peas last time around but it never happened. Since then I’ve done one of’s solo shows and with rumours swirling about who would be singing for them on this tour I thought it could be good fun.

It’s rare that a tour starts in London so with this being the tour opener I had no reference point as to what to expect. They performed on the first level of an impressive LED floor to ceiling backdrop which I figured would look way better from the back as I left, hence this shot – it’s one of those shows that would benefit from photographers having official access from the mixing desk as well as from the pit.

The shots from the pit like the one above weren’t as atmospheric but at least I got the three of them together with their current singer Jessica Reynoso posing well. It was surprising that only 4 of us were there tonight – I was expecting a packed pit!

Gig Review – Wayward Sons, FM and Saxon, The Roundhouse, 19 October 2018

Tonight I was at the Roundhouse for Wayward Sons as their official photographer. Toby Jepson and his new band really know how to put on a show, but unfortunately they got all of about the frontĀ 8 feet of the stage and terrible light (at least photographically speaking). On stage shots were nearly impossible and when Toby threw his guitar to his guitar tech at the end, which makes a great shot, they turned the lights off so I missed it!

I thought twice about even staying for FM and Saxon but I’d brought my fisheye lens with me in case it might have been useful for Wayward Sons (which it wasn’t) and after shooting the first three songs of Saxon’s set I headed to the gallery because this is a shot I’ve always wanted but never been able to do before. It took a few attempts but in the end it turned out just how I wanted it to as a generic view of a gig in full flow in what I think architecturally is one of the most stunning music venues around.

Gig Review – Glenn Hughes, Electric Ballroom, 15 October 2018

Some gigs frankly are classics, and tonight was one of them. It’s a good few years since I last photographed Glenn. Tonight’s show was supposed to be at the Koko but as it’s falling apart it got moved to the far less salubrious Electric Ballroom. The only show I’d done here previously was Mushroomhead.

For some unknown reason, 16 photographers were accredited to squeeze in to the tiny pit, but there were easily 20 in there. We were told we could shoot the first three songs and then stay to shoot the encore with a ‘surprise guest’. That surprise guest was none other than Joe Bonamassa who plays with Glenn in Black Country Communion. Given that you couldn’t get a pass at all for their tour earlier this year, it was well worth staying for.

You couldn’t move in the pit so I guessed Joe would be stage left so that’s where I found my spot and it was perfect because Glenn and Joe posed and played together directly in front of me so it turned out just how I wanted.