Gig Review – Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, Roundhouse, 24 September 2018

Before tonight’s gig I saw the moon rising over the supermarket car park next to the venue. Oh the glamour of concert photography! I’d brought along my Sigma 150-600mm lens as I thought it was possible we wouldn’t have pit access tonight and I’ve always wanted to try and get a shot of a plane passing in front of a full moon. I didn’t have long before the show and this was the only plane which obliged but it felt very appropriate to be shooting the (dark side of the) moon ahead of the first tour in 24 years by Pink Floyd’s drummer extraordinaire Nick Mason.

I have to say the show was amazing. I don’t know any of the earliest Pink Floyd songs but I’ve wanted to photograph Nick Mason for as long as I’ve been in to shooting gigs so tonight was an absolute treat. We were given pit access which it seems on most shows so far hasn’t been granted and only 5 of us had been accredited. We were warned that songs 1 and 2 were dark so were given 5! Well song 4 was lit up like Christmas and the lighting was stunning. It was so great not only to photograph a rock icon but also to come away with a selection of shots I was really pleased with.

Gig Review – Janelle Monae, Roundhouse, 11 September 2018

There are concerts and then there are concerts. I saw Janelle Monae perform on Jools Holland’s TV show a few years ago and in that moment I was adamant I would photograph one of her shows as soon as possible. Well, fast forward a long time and here we are, at the Roundhouse for the first of her two sold out London shows.

Quite what someone of her talent and stage presence is doing playing intimate venues like this is utterly beyond me – surely she is just a hit or two away from selling out the biggest arenas and stadiums around the world?

I have to say that technically it wasn’t the easiest of shows – this photo above was taken wide open at 14mm and she was back and forth all over the place with a beautiful but challengingly backlit lighting set up. I’d say that tonight’s show was one of the highlights of my year – I’ve ticked a few names off the bucket list so far like Lenny Kravitz and Van Morrison, but Janelle Monae tops that lot easily and I sincerely this isn’t the last time I catch her on tour.