Gig Review – Rolling Stones, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, 25 May 2018

Having had a golden circle ticket for the opening London show I was delighted to get an official photo pass for tonight’s show. I knew it would be a tough shoot because the photographers are being kept at the end of the runway for this tour, which is about 500-600mm range from the main stage.

On the opening night, Mick had ventured right down to the front during the first two songs but no such luck tonight. However, it was the first outing for my new lens, the unbelievable Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM lens. It is light enough to handhold right through to 600mm and as long as you’ve got enough light for f/6.3, it produces surprisingly sharp results, all for £700.

It did me proud tonight because it meant that I could get a really wide range of shots from what really was a poor shooting position. With hindsight I could have done with having time to road test it before a major gig but it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Gig Review – Rolling Stones, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, 22 May 2018

When the Rolling Stones’ latest tour was announced, I didn’t hesitate and spent a fortune on golden circle tickets for the opening London show. Who knows whether they will tour again after this and while I’ve shot a few Stones shows I’ve never been to one as a paying customer.

So the plan was to go really early and see if we could get a good spot at the front. I was amazed that we actually landed ourselves a front row spot at the end of the (very long) runway, right next to where the photographers were shooting from. The little Sony RX100 only has a 24-70mm equivalent zoom but I was delighted with a few of my shots, especially this one as I really wanted to get Mick and Keith together in a single frame like this.

Gig Review – Rita Ora, Brixton Academy, 18 May 2018

Some shows are trickier than others – some work out well and some less so. Tonight was a case of less so. The stage set up was quite strange and for the majority of the first three songs, Rita was at the back of the stage walking along an elevated platform. It just meant that the angles weren’t great.

However, once she came down to the front of the stage it got a whole lot better, but unfortunately for us she hardly stayed there at all, making what could have been an awesome shoot pretty underwhelming and there weren’t many opportunities for good frames.