Gig Review – Alt J, Garage, 20 February 2018

Once in a while you get a terrible job, and tonight was one of those jobs. Alt J are a big band and I’ve never shot at the Garage but my picture research told me their stage set up could be amazing and would be really worth seeing, especially in such an intimate venue.

There were only a couple of us there and it soon became apparent that the rest of the usual crew had drawn the long straw not us.

The stage set up was as basic as you could imagine and the lighting was simply dreadful. The Nikon D4S flatters but there was no front lighting on them of any use at all. Even on the widest lens I’d brought I could barely get all three of them in who, by the way, sounded terribly dull.

So it was one of those shows to forget – I did the best I could but you can’t polish a turd…