Gig Review – Steel Panther, Brixton Academy, 26 January 2018

I’ve shot a lot of Steel Panther shows over the years and while they might be about as politically correct as Donald Trump, they are an amazing live act to watch and photograph. I shot the standard first three songs in the pit which was great, but I was then able to loiter in the crowd and make my way to the back of the Academy to get some wide shots. For once, no-one seemed to care – usually you get turfed out the moment the first three songs are finished.

I knew what I was after, and having shot some nice wide shots from the back with the crowd and the whole stage in, I wanted something a little different. It can be fun to shoot like this, taking the view of a camera phone and once I found the right angle, this shot worked really well for me. Maybe more of a statement about the times we are in where every other person in the crowd is filming half the show than about the artists themselves, but I got my shot at least.

Gig Review – Wayward Sons, Hammersmith Apollo, 16 January 2018

It is always an absolute privilege to have Access All Areas. I’ve worked on a couple of Toby Jepson’s shows over the years and asked him if I could come along tonight to try and get something a bit different.

I shot a fair bit of the show from the pit but the best shots in these situations are inevitably taken from on stage. Toby was happy for me to shoot whatever, wherever and among a lot of images this one is my absolute favourite. I was told before the show that he would throw his guitar to his (very nervous) guitar tech at the end of the show so I stood as close to him as I could with a wide lens without risking either getting in his way or having a guitar land on my head.

The lighting conditions were very tricky so a fair bit of guess work was involved in getting this shot and I was relieved to see it came out well, even with a tiny bit of movement in the guitar! Fortunately the guitar tech caught it!