Gig Review – Extreme, Brixton Academy, 20 December 2017

I’ve shot a few Extreme shows over the years – they’re another one of these bands that I grew up with an absolutely adore. So on the rare occasion that they tour in London I make sure I’m available to shoot their shows.

Gary Cherone is surely one of the all time great frontmen. Not only is he an amazing singer but his energy and stage presence defy his age. I figured it was worth a gamble to shoot with a fisheye lens tonight, something that I rarely do. It paid off because Gary came right up to the edge of the stage a few times and the only way to get a shot like this is on a fisheye.

They do need to sort their lighting out though. It is always fairly dark for photography and comes out a bit orange. That aside, it was a cracking show to round off the year’s gigs with.

Gig Review – Queen and Adam Lambert, O2 Arena, 12 December 2017

Queen were one of the first bands I ever listened to and I’ve been a huge fan for decades. I’ve also had the good fortune to shoot a good number of their shows over the last 13 years since they first reformed with Paul Rodgers and then latterly with Adam Lambert. Adam, it has to be said, is much better. His voice suits the big songs and his stage presence matches the huge production.

Having a massive runway out in to the crowd can be a blessing as well as a curse. A blessing because when it’s used, if you’re in the right place you can get stunning shots. A curse because you’re rarely in the right place at the right time!

So the single time it was used in the first three songs was when Adam ventured along it and it worked out well but I got some shots of Brian really getting in to his playing like this one that I love more.

Gig Review – Ellie Goulding, Royal Albert Hall, 11 December 2017

Tonight’s show was a charity fundraising event for Streets of London, headlined by Ellie Goulding. The rest of the line up was really rather good – Bastille, Craig David etc – but we didn’t get to see any of that. No, we were specifically only allowed to shoot Ellie’s set which was a real disappointment.

Shooting at the Royal Albert Hall is like no other venue – you have to crouch down on your knees at the front because that’s the only gap as the front row of seats is right up against the stage. It means that shot variety can be limited and you’re totally reliant on the artist coming over your way. Fortunately Ellie did just that for this frame when she paused for a few seconds to take in the breath-taking view of the Hall from the stage.