Gig Review – Metallica, O2 Arena, 24 October 2017

I bought standing tickets for both of Metallica’s London O2 Arena shows the moment they were released. I knew the sets would be different each night, and I could probably go to a dozen Metallica shows in a row and not get bored. Sunday’s show was amazing so topping it tonight was going to be tough.

I went with two of my oldest friends, one of whom paid a fortune for a meet and greet. Not jealous, not jealous at all! So having queued since late morning, we got a great front row spot for the show. It was even better than Sunday and I came away with so many photos from my little Sony RX100 and I was blown away with how well it coped with the lighting conditions. You can’t necessarily tell, but this photo is pin sharp – you can see Kirk’s eyelashes!

I couldn’t have asked for more from the night. Great company, arguably the best band in the world, a perfect spot in the crowd, a ton of photos and to top it all off, I got a selfie with Lars as he left the stage!

Gig Review – Metallica, O2 Arena, 22 October 2017

I’ve been a Metallica fan since my early teens. The Death Magnetic Tour in 2009 was in the round and those were easily the best shows I’ve ever shot. So I was really excited when the tickets were released for this tour as it is in the round again. I managed to get standing tickets via the fan club and really hoped to get a photo pass too. That was until I found out that photographers had to shoot from the back of the floor as the pit was closed. So I didn’t actually apply for a pass at all, and chose instead to shoot what I could with my little Sony RX100 from the crowd.

We queued from lunchtime and got a front row spot for what was an absolutely amazing show. It was such a shame the accredited photographers couldn’t have pit access – they made it work for us back in 2009 – but it meant I came away with shots that would have been impossible to get from the back like this one.