Gig Review – V Festival, Chelmsford, 20 and 21 August 2016

Sia, V Festival, 20 August 2016There’s something about me, festivals, rain and restricted photo pass lists!! I was really looking forward to the V Festival, having only been once before. I thought it would be possible that both Justin Bieber and Rihanna would grant pit access with it being a major festival. Wrong. Bieber was from the mixer which was a complete waste of time, so I went to shoot Faithless who were far better!

On Sunday night Rihanna closed the pit altogether and it was just insanely busy – there was no point even considering trying to get a few shots from the crowd, so pretty much everyone went to shoot the Kaiser Chiefs instead which was a riot.

One of the absolute highlights should have been Sia. She rarely performs and we were told there would be no photography for her set. So I know I wasn’t alone in heading in to the crowd to get some shots anyway, particularly as the agency wanted them regardless. Apparently at the last minute, her management approved a list of photographers for pit access for three songs and I was one of them. No-one told me anyway, and by then I was as far forward in the heaving crowd as I could get. The pit access was apparently very restricted so ironically I probably faired better without it, as a shot like this would have been impossible to get. Then it rained, so I left before I could do any more damage to my poor cameras.