Gig Review – Jack Garratt, Brixton Academy, 15 April 2016

Jack Garratt, Brixton Academy, 15 April 2016When I watched Jack Garratt’s performance at the Brit Awards back in February on the television, he’d barely started his performance before I knew I wanted to photograph him. Imagine a cool, multi-instrumentalist version of Ed Sheeran, chuck in sublime lighting and you’ve got one hell of a show on your hands.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that they’d accredited 16 of us for tonight’s show. It’s a big pit but that’s still a fair number for the Academy. I had checked out the stage show in advance online and he spends the whole time behind his rig, surrounded by four curved lighting towers. I knew that wide shots from the centre were what I really wanted to capture the show at its most dramatic, even if that meant I didn’t have the opportunity to also grab close up shots of him hammering the drums.

Suffice to say I already know that I want to shoot his tour again in November when he comes back. I don’t think he’ll be playing venues the size of Brixton Academy for much longer.

Gig Review – Muse, Drones World Tour, O2 Arena, 3 April 2016

Muse, Drones World Tour, O2 Arena, 3 April 2016In the past I’ve not had much luck with Muse – either lousy, distant shooting positions or making a bad job of it from the pit, so I’ve never yet got the shot.

When I found out that we weren’t getting pit access tonight I was gutted as the stage set up (as you can see) was in the round and totally insane. Shooting from the pit in incredible light would have been an absolute gift.

Having said that, they’d thought about our shooting position properly for once, rather than just relegating us to the back somewhere. They’d given us a position up on level 1 which was absolutely dead centre to the stage. That meant that we could get great wide, symmetrical shots which made the most of the distance.