Gig Review – Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Kentish Town Forum, 20 February 2016

Huey Morgan, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Kentish Town Forum, 20 February 2016The Fun Lovin’ Criminals were the first ever band I shot ‘professionally’…if it could be called that back in 2003! I’ve loved this band for years and some how have gone 10 years without seeing them live. They also tend to play pretty dark shows, so in the past my photos of them have been frankly terrible, so I was determined to do the best I could tonight.

If you want a show to lift your spirits and make you smile, go see the FLCs. They were fabulous and they’ve lost none of their laconic stage craft and slick musicianship in the years since I last saw them.

They still don’t have a decent lighting technician though (!) but fortunately professional DSLRs these days can cope admirably with even the most challenging (ie lacking) of light.

As I packed up my gear after three songs they played Scooby Snacks as they were playing their album Come Find Yourself in order. What a way to end the evening!

Gig Review – Foals, Wembley Arena, 16 February 2016

Yannis Philippakis, Foals, Wembley Arena, 16 February 2016It is always refreshing to shoot an artist that actually stops to consider photographers. 99% of the time it’s the first three songs from the pit or if we are unlucky we are relegated to the mixing desk shooting with long lenses.

Foals seem to want to be captured on film at their rabble rousing best, which is at the end of their set when, apart from anything else, Yannis goes crowd surfing. The hanging around until the end of the show was well worth it to shoot the riotous last three songs. The light was good fun, there were lasers and the obligatory crowd surfing.

Many an artist could take note – stop to think about what you want to look like on film, then pick the best opportunity for your photographers to do their job for you…as if!