Gig Review – David Gilmour, Royal Albert Hall, 23 September 2015

David Gilmour, Royal Albert Hall, 23 September 2015This was a shoot I will never forget. I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan since I was a teenager so to see David Gilmour was a treat. What was even better was that as he wasn’t allowing photographers in to the shows, we were invited to shoot the sound check. This wasn’t an ordinary sound check either. We were let in early and we got to sit in a near empty Royal Albert Hall for about half an hour watching the sound check. Once they were done, we got four songs as a full beans rehearsal with full stage lighting from six rows back.

That meant all the time in the world to capture close up soloing action but the stage lighting for Comfortably Numb was among the most spectacular I’ve ever seen with a lattice work of green laser beams piercing the whole Hall.

I had goosebumps watching him belt out the solo, and it sounded identical to my 20 year old Pulse album. Of all the songs for them to sound check, it couldn’t get better than Comfortably Numb!

I think at the end he even thanked us all for coming but to be honest I was away with the fairies, grinning from ear to ear, so I’m really not sure. As we left I told the PR that I’d literally waited 25 years for that, and today will go down as one of the absolute highlights of my photography career regardless of what the future may hold.

Gig Review – Florence and the Machine, Alexandra Palace, 22 September 2015

Florence and the Machine, Alexandra Palace, 22 September 2015


















As I hadn’t shot a show in over two months, I felt really rusty tonight. So it was a good job to have the opportunity to get my eye back in ahead of tomorrow’s David Gilmour show. That isn’t a show I want to mess up!

The only time I’ve previously shot at Ally Pally was a previous Florence gig about three and a half years ago. Having headlined the Glastonbury Festival this year, I can’t imagine she’ll be playing many more venues this size.

For reasons unknown, she has hired the same security guard as Kings of Leon, and just like them is now enforcing a ridiculous rule that you cannot shoot from the middle of the pit – only off to one side. That made the shoot unnecessarily difficult but the lighting was sublime so in the end it really didn’t matter. Perhaps because I’d had so much time away, but it was one of those shows where when you leave the pit you really aren’t sure how well you’ve done. In the end though it turned out just fine and I was pleased with the shots I got.