Gig Review – Eric Clapton, Royal Albert Hall, 14 May 2015

Eric Clapton, Royal Albert Hall, 14 May 2015It’s a good few years since I last photographed Eric Clapton. It’s always a challenge as we are relegated to the back of the venue by the mixing desk. But when I arrived tonight, the other photographers who’d already arrived had been told we were to be down at the front off to one side – anywhere else and that would count as the pit. It’s unheard of and I’d have been delighted except for the fact that I’d specifically hired a 400mm lens, and hadn’t brought a standard 70-200mm lens with me – you simply don’t get pit access for Clapton.

Fortunately security had got it wrong, and we were indeed at the back, otherwise I’d have been taking pictures of his right nostril all evening. I knew from previous Clapton shows here that you need to be stage right to avoid having the microphone stand in front of you, and the security lady on our side mysteriously offered me the chance to select a spot about a third of the way forward and off to one side, by the stairs when audience members started complaining as we set up at the back. She shouldn’t have done so, but it meant the 400mm lens was in perfect range and gave me a far better angle than I’d have got from the back which helped make the shoot a success.

Gig Review – Ella Eyre and Olly Murs, O2 Arena, 3 May 2015

Olly Murs, O2 Arena, 3 may 2015I should probably have my post redirected from home to the O2 Arena. It seems to be the only venue I’ve been shooting in recently! Mind you, I love it there so I don’t mind at all.

If I’m honest, the draw card for me tonight was Ella Eyre. I’ve shot a few of her shows now and I think she’s fantastic. I doubt it will be long before she can headline here. When the stage set up includes a walkway out in to the crowd, I love trying to get behind the performer to shoot them and the crowd. It was really hard to do that here tonight as even the walkway was really high, but it makes for really interesting shots.

Olly Murs was, I must confess, actually a very good entertainer. I can’t comment on his music or his singing ability (I don’t know any of his songs and my earplugs were firmly in!) but the crowd loved his cheeky stage craft and the walkway and fabulous lighting and backdrop made for great shots. In fact, I came away with far too many shots to choose from, which is a nice problem to have!