Gig Review – FKA Twigs, Roundhouse, 19 February 2015

FKA Twigs, Roundhouse, 19 February 2015There has been massive hype around FKA Twigs of late so I was delighted to get access to shoot the show. The build up to her set was moody and dark which didn’t bode well. Brightly lit, her acrobatic routines would be stunning to shoot. It wasn’t to be though. We had to choose a side and stick to it (no crossing over the middle for reasons unknown). There was almost no front light on her at all and the massive backlit strobes pulsed with the music making it almost impossible to shoot. It’s safe to say this was one of the biggest technical challenges I’ve ever had at a show. All it needed was a front spot light and it could have been the show of the year. Having said that I’m sure she will be filling bigger venues with her stunning voice soon.

Gig Review – Kaiser Chiefs, O2 Arena, 13 February 2015

Ricky Wilson, Kaiser Chiefs, O2 arena, 13 February 2015Somehow 7 years have whizzed by since I last photographed the Kaiser Chiefs, and the last time was at The O2 Arena as well. Judging from other shows on the tour, I wasn’t expecting much of the lighting which is good, because it meant I wasn’t disappointed. Between the patches of hazy red light (a camera sensor’s second worst enemy) and complete darkness (a camera sensor’s worst enemy) there was some decent, if very contrasty, white light to be had.

Fortunately when Ricky Wilson did his customary crowd invasion, it was reasonably well lit and I was in a good spot to get fairly clear shots.

Lighting aside, they are great fun and it’s good to see them filling arenas again after going somewhat off the boil in recent years.