Gig Review – Miley Cyrus, Leeds First Direct Arena, 10 May 2014

Miley Cyrus, Leeds First Direct Arena, 10 May 2014Welcome, quite simply, to an evening of sexually-charged depravity, courtesy of Miley Cyrus and her ‘Bangerz’ tour. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to guess this gig was going to be ‘interesting’ to photograph, but until I looked up the previous show on You Tube I had no idea quite what I was in for…Hannah Montana has definitely retired.

I chose to do a six hour round trip to Leeds as I couldn’t get accredited for her London show and found myself in a very odd venue. The standing area is wide but not deep, so with the long runway out in to the crowd, even though we quite literally had our backs to the wall, she was rarely out of range of a 70-200mm lens. I guess for those few people with standing tickets though, it meant it felt more like a club show than an arena gig. Even right up on the main stage, a 300mm was enough, especially given the assortment of dancers on stage with her.

Photographically it was great, even if it wasn’t remotely age-appropriate for the majority of her audience. She spent much of one song writhing so provocatively on a car that any embarrassed dads in the audience escorting their teenage daughters to the show must have broken out in a sweat. Quite what she does next who knows, but she certainly knows how to make headlines.