Gig Review – Iggy Azalea, Supperclub, 14 October 2013

Iggy Azalea, Supperclub, October 2013This was a special one off show to launch a new single. Iggy Azalea has been big news all year and I hadn’t had a chance to photograph her yet. As it turns out, The Supperclub is a small nightclub in Ladbroke Grove, and as far as I could find out it had never hosted a gig before. When I arrived I found the smallest pit I’ve ever seen, barely two feet wide, and the stage was incredibly low. One other photographer arrived and waited at the edge of the pit and another shot from the balcony.

When she came on (late of course!), the crowd of I guess 300-400 people went crazy and as they surged forward, the pit disappeared with me in it. I was pretty much trapped but two security guards kept the barrier back just enough for me for the three songs. As I had a spot right in the middle (the other photographer left the pit as quick as he could), I got individual shots of her that I was really pleased with. The light was excellent and it was possibly the first time ever that the lighting appeared to get worse not better after I left the pit.

All in all it was a great experience and now I have to hope that the Guardian or Observer run a review shot as planned.

Gig Review – Jay Z, O2 Arena, October 2013

Jay Z, O2 Arena, October 2013Sometimes everything works against you. For once I had been confirmed well in advance for this show. After queuing up for ages at the box office I was told the photo passes weren’t there. They weren’t at customer services either and then after queuing again at the box office I found out they had run out of laminates and without a laminate I couldn’t get in, even though my name was on the list. By now he was due on stage any minute and the other photographers all went in. I had to wait until the very last minute for a pass to turn up – if he hadn’t run late I would have missed the two songs we got. I wasn’t the only one who had difficulties – two of my colleagues didn’t even get accredited, including the photographer for The Times newspaper.

It was a pretty straight forward shoot, although the pit was busy again tonight, but the light was good and I came away with a selection of shots that I was very happy with.

Gig Review – Barry Gibb, O2 Arena, 3 October 2013

Barry Gibb, O2 Arena, 3 October 2013
Some shows are a treat to shoot just because they are a great opportunity to see a fabulous artist who seldom tours. That was the case tonight with Barry Gibb’s solo Mythology Tour show. Technically it was a straight forward shoot and the light was great so whilst it wasn’t going to be one of those shows where you come away with a bundle of unique shots, it was more about getting to see a legend in action.