Gig Review – Paloma Faith, Hammersmith Apollo, 7 February 2013

There are some artists I’d photograph every time they come to London. Paloma Faith is one of them. Every show is different and her costumes, wild hair and unique poses make her a dream to shoot.

What wasn’t a dream was getting to the Apollo in time. I’d been in Jersey for the day (not as glamorous as it sounds!) and cut it a little fine getting from Gatwick Airport to the venue.

While it was admittedly very straight forward to shoot, this show was different to the previous two I’d photographed. She stood behind the microphone stand for songs 2 and 3 and didn’t move away from it. We’d not been allowed to shoot the first song when she was holding an enormous fan which looked very dramatic. Why I’ve no idea. So because she didn’t walk around the stage as she usually does, the songs I saw felt tense and stilted and to an extent I think that reflected in the photos.

Gig Review – Rita Ora, Shepherds Bush Empire, 5 February 2013

Rita seems to have only been around for 5 minutes and yet is already a phenomenon – being compared to Rihanna. For reasons unknown, agencies are not permitted to photograph Rita, and as I usually shoot for Redferns / Getty Images, getting my pass was harder than usual.

The show was odd really. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very good and I sincerely hope I get to shoot her shows again, but for the whole first song she sang behind a plastic sheet and in song five she stood in a 6 foot high photo frame! Mind you it was a refreshing change to have five songs and be one of only four people in the pit.