Gig Review – Rebecca Ferguson, Theatre Royal, 13 March 2012

I’ve never photographed a show at the Theatre Royal so I really didn’t know what to expect…I didn’t even know people played concerts there.

We had to kneel down at the front of an aisle and hope for a clear view…which we didn’t have. There was a small but perfectly placed table on the stage for her water bottle which she lurked behind for most of the first three songs.

Add to that some pretty ropey lighting and what could so easily have been an easy and a stunning gig to photograph was actually a bit of a faff. The shots turned out okay at best – mainly because there was very little light on her eyes, so they look like dark pits rather than eyes! Note to self – time to stop doing seated gigs where there’s no pit to move around in.

Gig Review – Florence and the Machine, Alexandra Palace, 8 March 2012

This was my third Florence show and my first ever at Alexandra Palace. She’s come a very long way since I first saw her supporting the Ting Tings back in 2008.

The only shame about tonight was that the stage was really high and the pit was narrow, so full length shots were impossible. Still, the lighting was really dramatic which made for a fun shoot. Having not done a concert for 6 weeks I felt a bit rusty but I’ve got shows coming up more regularly now which is good news.