Gig Review – Emeli Sande, XOYO, 24 January 2012

This was only my second gig this year – its been a slow start. Emeli Sande is obviously going places and is probably going to be selling out much bigger venues in the future.

So it was a good opportunity to see her in what I have to say is a very odd venue.
XOYO is basically a basement pub with a stage. No pit, very simple lighting and room for about 500 people at most. This was a Q Awards show and the only way to get a decent spot was to be first in the queue, so I was.

There were a few of us dotted around and we managed to get about 4 or 5 songs in before a stroppy girl got, well, stroppy, and got us to pack up and head off. For a horribly dark show, I was happy enough with the shots.

Gig Review – Chickenfoot, Brixton Academy, 14 January 2012

Sometimes I leave a gig very, very disappointed. It’s rare, but it’s gutting when it happens. Tonight was one of those nights. I shot Chickenfoot’s first London show in 2009 and although far too many photographers were crammed in to the tiny Shepherds Bush pit, it was one of the most intense gigs I’d ever shot.

Tonight in a slightly bigger venue this should have been a dream, but no. The lighting was distinctly average – bordering on the difficult – and again there were too many photographers accredited. It meant that my shots from tonight were nowhere near as good as last time around. Still, it was my first gig of the year, and I’m hoping it’s going to be a good one!